Norcold 1200 Replacement Cooling Units by RVCOOL

with Bullet-Proof Boiler™ Technology....the safest 1200 series cooling unit ever built!






Norcold 1200 series Replacement


Aftermarket Heating Elements for Norcold 1200 series RV Refigerator


Please read our article on why cooling units fail to better understand how you can make your rv refrigerator last longer.


Our Norcold 1200 series replacement cooling units are the most advanced in the industry.


They Feature:

  • An innovative boiler design that make our cooling units out-perform any of our competitors in the most rugged operating conditions.

  • Heavy Duty seamless tubing that can easily handle the thermal stress applied to the boiler tubing by the heaters.

Norcold has received a ton of bad press in the last few years due to the high failure rate of their 1200 series rv refrigerator. These failures resulted in a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against Norcold because several of these failures led to camper fires and a number of people have died in these fires. The lawsuit claims that the cause of failure and fires was due to design flaws and manufacturing defect, it also alleges that Norcold new about these defects and downplayed them.


At RVCOOL we take our 1200 series cooling unit design and safety very seriously. No one has spent more time studying these cooling units than we have. All of our research has led to the design of what we call our Bullet-Proof Boiler Technology™. Its not just heavier tubing, but the entire design of our boiler inside and out that make it special.



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Pricing for Norcold 1200 series

1200, 1201, 1210, 1211 .....$825+freight

Comes with new all-steel boiler housing packed with new insulation

5 year warranty

Because it ships truck freight you must call to order:


Safe and Reliable


Bullet-Proof Boiler™ Technology


Prevent this with a Heavy Duty cooling unit from RVCOOL